Ignite is a small, versatile team with a broad range of talents and interests.We transform your concepts and ideas into powerful marketing strategies filler and conclusive actions.  Tailoring your goals into clear and decisive marketing initiatives to achieve positive filler growth, and capture market share.Have a consultation on us. It’s always free.

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Ignite is a boutique agency with a strong focus on versatility. We come from a broad range of talents and interests.

We plan our clients' success around websites, social media, and online marketing. Then we take client goals to the moon! 🚀🌙

Have a consultation on us. It’s always free.

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Red Dirt Legal ShowcaseAudra Fornier Showcase
Capital City Collision ShowcaseBorntreger Marital and Family Law Showcase

what do we do?

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We dream in digital. It’s our bread and butter and always has been.

Since Ignite’s inception, we’ve had opportunities to learn about so much. What started as a small company focused on social media has grown into an agency focused on getting clients climbing the google ladder with powerful SEO, beautiful sites, fantastic branding, supported by consistent blogging, and a strong social media presence.

From website and brand overhauls, to brand new companies starting a new journey, we have a lot of specific services to help get you where your company where it needs to be.

For clients who aren't ready or have a limit to their funds, we have developed a great à la carte (pardon our French) system to get you what you need now with options to expand your marketing budget when it makes sense to your company.

We absolutely love helping clients with specifically tailored individual services, but we shine brightest when given an opportunity to utilize all of our skillsets to grow companies to their fullest potential.

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the ig-knights

fighting for truth, justice, and better marketing practices

Stephanie Ignite Digital Marketing



With over ten years hard-time fighting the good fight in marketing and entrepreneurship, Stephanie's approach to client work is one of constant adaptation and learning.

Starting as a one-woman show doing literally everything, Stephanie has grown Ignite from its infancy and will someday learn what it means to find some time for herself, though no one at Ignite believes her.

When she's not in 40 meetings a day, you can find her on the volleyball court, or watching the Bachelor with her work laptop.

Michaela Ignite Digital Marketing


Communication/Fairy Dogmother

In order to maximize the benefits of social media for clients all over the United States, our communication strategy is organized around keeping up with best practice, current trends, and cohesive branding.

When she’s not busy slinging content calendars and streamlining client communication, Michaela enjoys hanging out with her 2 pugs Colby-jack and Bleu cheese, traveling and staying active.

Michaela is our resident expert on social media, office décor correction, and creative strategies.

Taylor Ignite Digital Marketing


Creative/Okay at Drawing

After devoting some beautifully frustrating years of his life to learning English and programming (English for computers), Taylor had his heart stolen by design while listening to an amazing rant in college.

He thanks that rant every day for saving whatever was left of his sanity.

Obsessive about word choice, kerning, fonts, and color contrast, Taylor is in charge of visual communication. Which is the fanciest way we could think up to say website development, graphic design, and brand strategy.

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