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It started with a spark.

The Borntreger Law Firm began small but knew they wouldn't stay that way for long.

Before they knew it they needed a new brand identity that fit them. Something that took into consideration their clientele, personality, and that made them look established.

We focused on developing a visual identity that emphasized the firm’s values and supported the perception of a firm that was all grown up now.

Borntreger Logo Development mockup on iPad
Borntreger Law Showcase
Borntreger Stationery and coffee cup mockup

brand spanking new!

Now that we’d found the tone and visual identity, it was time to show the new business personality off to the world!

We branded business cards, worked with sign-makers, set up their Google Business Listing, and developed a physical (and digital) ton of assets for the revamp.

Google My Business listing art
Borntreger Sign

meanwhile on the internet

Borntreger website mockup on a computer

After a complete brand overhaul, we began creating a completely custom website with a light peppering of flower and growth-themed puns 😂😂 and a continuation of the rules of the visual identity.

We endeavored to keep the brand’s tone true to the source, matching as well as we were able Borntreger’s bright intelligence and humor with her brazen honesty.

growth oriented insights

A keyword gap analysis showed us where competitive sites had keywords that affected their SEO helping them rank higher on Google searches.

Creating keyword rich blogs that were informative, varied, and occasionally a little light-hearted helped bring Borntreger in the constant fight for hierarchy in local search results.

Blogging mockup for Borntreger Law

nuturing a strong identity

Borntreger Social Media Mockup

Social media with high levels of engagement does wonders for SEO, and helps potential clients understand the personality and value that the firm brings to the table.

We took a more playful feel with social media as it’s something that will be seen more often by followers than a service-oriented website.

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