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It started with a spark.

mockup on an ipad for the idmi logo

Working with the most current luxury furniture brands to create inviting modern spaces for homes and offices,  working with our friends over at idMI has been just so exciting.

Their projects are fresh, unique (including literally designing custom furniture!) and well thought out.

idMI approached us about increasing client engagement through digital and print ads, and representing their company in a more accurate way.

They wanted their brand to show customers their sense of humor and intelligence, and convey a sense of established excellence.

Mockup of a website homepage

socially modern

It’s been a hoot 🦉 working with idMI on their social media game.

Creating a synthesis out of the absurd, the beautiful, the clever, and the deliberate has been a unique challenge, but one that we’ve really enjoyed.

social media mockup

doing more than digital

We love the digital it’s true. And while you won’t find anywhere near as many billboards graced with our work as mobile phones, it just feels soooooo good to flex our print muscles when we can!

Toning down a little of the absurd (print can be so SERIOUS) and maintaining a classy but clever vibe.

True story: A customer literally walked into their showroom holding the advertisement below in their hand. They were so tickled by the ad that they came in and bought the chair on the spot!

Score one for print advertising!

single page magazine advertisement
a double page advertisement in a magazine mockup


double page magazine advertisement mockup

We already knew that idMI was the best, but they thought their community still needed some convincing.

Using email, social media, and local magazines to bring awareness to a local competition called “Best in Destin” we helped idMI get the recognition they were due.

The results came in and idMI was a clear crowd favorite, being crowned the best in their area in a ton of different categories!

Way to go guys!

social media mockup
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