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It started with a spark.

Born in the union of three successful lawyers who wanted to take a new and different approach to their practices.

Taking their inspiration from the red soil common to their native Oklahoma, Red Dirt Legal wanted to create a law firm with an approachable personality while retaining a feeling of permanence.

We settled on the majestic bison - an animal that had deep historical ties to the area.

A mockup of the Red Dirt Legal logo on top of a picture of a bison on a tablet
A stylesheet for Red Dirt Legal

let's get the dirt

Desktop mockup of Red Dirt Legal website

Straight-forward, polite, but ready for a fight, Red Dirt Legal was born and had to be represented out on the world wide internet.

Without the distraction of photography, the bare bones message of Red Dirt Legal showed through in a way that felt truthful and a little salt-of-the-earth.

have you herd?

a banner and backdrop mockup for a tradeshow

The firm was excited to show off their new brand identity at a few legal trade shows to get their name out.

What started out as some business cards and flyers quickly turned into their own booth and despite complications with shipping, our amazing swag partner did the impossible and had a table cloth, a backdrop, and a retractable banner all sent to Oklahoma in time for the tradeshow.

a table cloth pattern for Red Dirt Legal
Red Dirt Legal branded masks and a booth for a trade show
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