gifs that marketers can relate to

The infamous GIF made its arrival into the digital stratosphere much longer than many might expect. Created by Steve Wilhite in 1987, the GIF (Graphical Interchange Format) is a series of images or an inaudible video that loops continuously and doesn’t request anyone to press play. Simple and engaging, a marketer’s dream.

Yes, the GIF is a millennial, and the Ignite Digital team thinks that is so fitting. This short and looping animation was trendy and popular then and the reputation still holds true now.

Even though GIFs are now in their thirties they are still thriving. Twitter has created a button on the application where users can easily search GIFs and add them to their posts. Apple added a GIF search to its iOS messaging as well. We know you’ve used these features at least once or twice, right? GIFs add a special spice and flair to messages, blogs, social media posts, and more. Talk about “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

There is always a GIF that can make sense in any scenario it seems and oftentimes people use them to add humor to a situation. When it comes to GIFs that marketers relate to we have pulled out top favorites and added them below. Scroll through and see which one you relate to the most.


When you tell your client they need to make sure their website and website copy is all optimized in order to rank well.


When you need to explain to someone how to sort their emails.

That feeling you get when you come up with the perfect and catchy email subject line.



Do we even need to caption this? **Sigh**


When the website build takes longer than expected.


When Facebook updates for the 18th time in one week.


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