Michaela the head of the communications and PR department at Ignite Digital Marketing


Why are social media, communications, and PR important in marketing, you ask? Well, think of it this way: they're like the cool kids in high school who always knew how to get everyone's attention and make them like you.

Except this time, your business is the one trying to be popular, and social media, communications, and PR are your wingmen (or wingwomen).

They help you craft the perfect message, show off your best side, and get people talking about you. So if you want to be the prom king or queen of your industry, you better start brushing up on your social media skills and learning how to charm the pants off your customers (figuratively speaking, of course).

My favorite project so far.

Working with the folks at Borntreger was fun for our department because we got to watch an entire brand emerge, complete with its own very unique personality.

It was an easy and entertaining fit for us to find quippy ways to keep social audiences engaged. It didn't hurt that we love the Gilmore Girls nearly as much as they do.

Thanks for choosing Ignite - your project has been a blast!

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Borntreger Visual Identity, Logo, Color Palette

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