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With over 2.5 billion users, yes we said billion, Facebook is currently the most used social media platform in the world. As you can imagine, Facebook has evolved tremendously over the past decade and a half since its infancy. The creators of Facebook were a group of Harvard students, at the time, and created the platform and launched their idea on campus. Facebook became the largest social networking platform in the world, with more than one billion users in just under ten years. This social platform has made quite the wave and is here to stay. Not sure how to navigate Facebook? See how you and your business can navigate the platform below.


The odds are that you who are reading this have had a Facebook account, or have one currently. Facebook helps its users to stay connected with their followers, be part of groups, network, and much more. The main goal for Facebook users is to have a place to receive and send information in an entertaining way. From browsing in the search bar, to connecting your phone contacts to the platform, connecting on Facebook is made easy. Utilizing this platform from a business aspect in comparison to a personal aspect is very similar. Instead of sharing personal messages, you can use a business page to share your brand’s message. The beauty of the platform is that its limits are minimal when it comes to sharing what you love.


Creating a Facebook account is free of charge to all users. You might wonder how Facebook earns revenue: it’s advertising. You can grow your business from anywhere with the help of social media platforms like Facebook. The platform’s ad center is built to help businesses meet their specific goals all while being individualized. Profiles when combined with advertising help people within your sphere and outside your sphere to connect with your business. Above all, Facebook is able to establish your presence on the platform so people can find you and connect.

Navigating the Facebook Ad Center can be difficult, especially if you are new to running campaigns. There are multiple boxes to check off and working in collaboration with a marketing company can help you master the craft.

  • Are you targeting the correct crowd?
  • Does your graphic comply with Facebook’s rules and regulations?
  • Did you choose the correct ad to run?

This is not just a casual post. This is a post you are putting money behind and you want to spend that money well. Don’t let the above bullet point questions scare you from not using Facebook Advertising. We are here to help.


Start by locating Facebook’s Ad Manager. This is the hub where you can create your ad. This is also where all your running ads are and if you can check in on their progress. If you are just starting off, this area will be empty. Facebook gives you ad options, keeping your objective in mind. For example, you can choose brand awareness, reach, increase traffic to your website, and many more.

Configuring an audience is a special feature that we at Ignite really appreciate. How special is it that you can run an ad and pick who you want to see it? Getting the perfect audience takes some time and trial ads to get it just right. You can pick from a plethora of targeting options like location, age, gender, languages, and many more.

Once you have the logistics behind your ad set, you can choose how much spend you want to put behind the ad. You have the option to choose a daily budget or a lifetime budget. Your final stop is to schedule your ad. You can make your ad as long or as short as you want.

Ignite can help you achieve your business goal by creating a custom, Facebook ad campaign, that will surely add a spark to your brand. You can create a message that is displayed beautifully on all devices with help from a marketer and the use of a social platform.


All social media algorithms change and get updated what seems like daily in the life of a digital marketer. Just as you think you got it figured out, things change. As Sprout Social said, “for some marketers, they’re like little data puzzles just waiting to be solved.”

To break it down, algorithms on social media are put in place to sort posts in a user’s feed. This is based on relevancy instead of publish time. Social networks, like Facebook, prioritize which content a user sees and this is what is confusing to some. When you work hard on creating content and graphics that represent your brand, you want them to get the proper exposure. The algorithm has everything to do with that.

Ignite stays up to date with the latest trends from Facebook and other platforms as well. No need to worry about updates, rules, regulations, etc. we have you covered. Kiss the word algorithm goodbye.


Running a successful business is a fulltime job. If you can take away a few of your stressors why not do so! Ignite’s team of professional marketers are here to make sure your brand stands out. We are here to give your brand the voice it deserves.

We transform your concepts and ideas into powerful marketing strategies and conclusive actions. Tailoring your goals into clear and decisive marketing initiatives to achieve positive growth, and capture market share is our job! Ignite Digital Marketing is here to help you achieve your marketing goals, however big or small they may be. We aren’t here to sign you up on a package that won’t even benefit your business. We want to work with you, your business, and your budget.

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