Wagner Design Co


It started with a spark.

Wagner Design Co is run by the fearless, hardworking, super creative Rosemary Wagner.

Clean, clever interior design is her wheelhouse, but she also does drafting. Which for the uninitiated (we were) means she has the know-how to assist builders to make something as unique as a hobbit door from The Lord of the Rings.

Which we would totally put on the front of our office if it were ADA compliant.

A mockup of a website on an ipad of an interior design website featuring a living room with a table and couch

wagner in da house!

A mockup of an interior design website featuring a cute kitchen

After relocating her business and family to sunny Florida just in time for covid and a couple of pretty rowdy hurricanes, Wagner decided to church up her brand.

Once she showed us the beautiful shots by Ruby Reese Photography😍😍 we were raring at the bit to get after building the clean, beautiful site that her hard work was worthy of.

Instead of explaining why her services were worthy of your dollar, we decided to let this work speak for itself.

Nearly the entire website is giant photos of interiors that made us drool, turning the entire project into a showcase with a smattering of color to support her personality, and a few custom icons because we couldn't resist.

custom icons for an interior design website
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