2021 mid-year blogging trends

2021 mid-year blogging trends

We know what you’re thinking: people still blog? What was once seen as a way for teenagers to dump their feelings on the Internet has gradually morphed into a valuable marketing tool. Businesses of all kinds are writing blogs to drive potential customers to their websites. Blogs also drive up SEO by adding more keyword search terms to your website. This allows your business to be found higher up on search engine results pages. Now, you might be wondering, “how can I make a blog work the best for my business?” Well, first of all, keeping up with trends is key. Check out the top four 2021 mid-year blogging trends below!


It goes unsaid that it’s important to create engaging content. However, businesses must also be aware of the user’s experience when viewing their blogs. Oftentimes, when a user clicks a link to a blog, they are immediately confronted by pop-up ads and obnoxious banner ads. Businesses should create an experience that makes the user want to stick around and explore the website. Another way to keep users engaged while improving the content experience is by strategically placing call-to-action (CTA) buttons throughout the blog and on the website itself. This makes navigating the website and getting users’ questions answered a simple task.


It’s going to be difficult to keep audiences engaged with solely black text on a white screen, therefore businesses MUST add highly visual content such as videos and interactive media such as polls or question-and-answer boxes to heighten the user experience. Visual content is also used to increase KPIs such as time-on-site. This visual content has the added benefit of being shareable meaning social shares and involvement will increase as well, drawing new users to the website.


Bottom line, the more blogs a business posts to their website, the more traffic the site will get. According to Marketing Insider Group, businesses should aim to churn out at least eleven blogs per month. In order to achieve these goals, businesses might want to consider outsourcing their blog writing to marketing agencies or blog writing services.


Audiences are becoming more and more intelligent. They can see past cheap marketing schemes and inauthentic messaging. A brilliant way to combat this is by having an esteemed business/entity vouch for your business. Guest posting will also bring traffic to your site and give your guest more visibility as well. It might be in your best interest to offer your availability to guest posts on your guest’s website. Forging strong and lasting connections will benefit businesses in every realm of marketing, even outside of blogging.

Keeping up with the demand of blogging may seem overwhelming to some businesses who are already wearing thin on time and resources. We suggest businesses consider consulting digital marketing agencies, such as Ignite, to determine a price point for blogs that are suitable to their marketing goals. At Ignite Digital Marketing Solutions, we offer a variety of services to give your business the largest digital footprint possible. At the very least, we hope you utilize this knowledge in this post and are taking steps to make content plans for blogging on your website. You will soon find that blogging will bring a host of new traffic to your website and will quickly become an asset in your marketing strategy.