identify your target market

Just below we have made a little quizlet to help you on your journey to find the right platforms for you.

It should be mentioned that the elite team of NASA engineers we outsourced for this algorithm returned it to us with the warning that this quiz is by no means scientifically or mathematically perfect but for most industries it will give you an accurate answer to the age old question, "What platform is right for me?"

What are you hoping to achieve with your social media presence?

(select any that apply)

fix the final slide to have something fun on it or something. Maybe a sort of abstract background even?

Promoting dialogue with customers
Sharing news and deals from your company
Connecting with a new audience
Finding new team members
Showcasing ways to use your product
Amplifying the personality of your business
Building long-term brand loyalty
Moving potential customers to purchase
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What do you think you'll realistically be able to create and share?

(select any that apply)

quick videos
longer videos
blogs and other text-heavy assets
news about the company and job listings
glimpses into your product or work culture
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Who would you like to spark 🔥 a conversation with?

(select any that apply)

younger people in the 13 to 25 age range
over 40 years old
just the ladies
just the fellas
professional people in my industry
our current customers
pretty much anyone
a very small demographic
drop the knowledge

what's up next...

3 pillars of social media